Our Approach


 Using strategic and proprietary methods we are able to digitally capture the attention of Business Owners who are in need of financial services. Our team of experts are able to stay ahead of the always changing digital marketing strategies. Our Leads are 100% Exclusive. Once we distribute a lead to you, the lead becomes archived. Exclusivity will not expire with us. 

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The Ace Up Our Sleeve


 The key to being able to provide a lead at an affordable price is knowing the audience. We've developed a data driven audience segmentation strategy that combines not only demographic factors but also personal information regarding actions the audience member has typically taken in the past. This allows us to drill down and find the action takers...and hand them directly to you! 

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The Results


The Tell-All to the success our partners find with the leads we distribute is when they reorder.  We consider ourselves to be strategic partners .

Some of our Clients are forthcoming on their conversion ratios with a reported 10% Of Applications Returned and Funded. The industry standard is 3%. If 3% seems low, its because it truly is. Let your competitors waste time. Don't waste yours!  Leave it to professionals who care about your success while generating leads on your behalf.  

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