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A Quick Disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER:   Success and Sales Conversions will vary and are not limited to Your Company’s Internal Sales Processes, Procedures, Marketing Initiatives, Marketing Messaging, Experience, and Company Reputation.  JBW Business Consultants DBA Lead Tycoons makes no representations that you will obtain any Sales, Revenues, or Profits from your Ads Campaign.  Our objective is to provide you with results, leads, and prospecting opportunities through strategies deployed on Search Networks.

About Lead Tycoons

Fueled by real-time demand, the search engines deliver quality prospects to websites, at their moment of interest. Lead Tycoons has refined the art and science of Ads Management (Google Ads), helping to direct interested Business Owners to our client websites. Lead Tycoons offers a comprehensive Ads Management program that accommodates all elements that impact search bundled in a tactful, ethical and effective program that produces results. At Lead Tycoons, we are digital marketing and website design experts - which is a critical step in helping businesses increase their visibility across the internet.

Lead Tycoons PPC Management 

Initial Set Up Fee:  $2,000 

Monthly Management Fee Upon Set Up Completion: $999/Month (Up to $15,000).   Please note:  Any Campaign Budget Increases at the request of you, the client, may accompany an increase to the Management Fee.  

The Lead Tycoons PPC/Ads management team has over 22 years of experience, providing PPC services since before Google was founded. With an estimated $5 million of managed PPC budget through the years, we offer an experienced and skilled team capable of operating highly efficient and productive Ads campaigns. Lead Tycoons focuses on bottom-line metrics; optimizing Ads campaigns to maximize advertising ROI.


Our campaigns are created and managed per Ads standards and best practices and our Ads management team is certified by Google. We have a direct relationship with Google which includes Google representatives who will assist us if and when needed. This ensures that we are aware of the latest Ads advances, that we receive campaign performance assistance and that our requests are expedited by Google. Our PPC management team includes engineers and marketing professionals, allowing for a deep skill set that addresses (1) technical data analysis as well as (2) effective consumer communications.


1) Technical Capabilities: Deep understanding of the optimization process, using Ads and Analytics data to maximize ROI. All Ads resources will be used as needed, including bid optimization, Mobile vs. PC optimization, time of day, day of week, geo-targeting, ad performance, ad delivery strategy and other key metrics. KPIs and other performance data are extracted for campaign reports and meetings and are used to drive ongoing performance improvements.


2) Consumer Communications: Our experienced marketing team are responsible for identifying target keywords and phrases that are inclined to produce results. Along with keyword identification, high-performance ads are crafted and tested. Our team is responsible for creating ad and keyword content that will interest Business Owners and maximize click-through Rates and Sales.


Our Ads management process begins with interviewing our clients and reviewing their website to learn their industry, interests and goals. With this information, combined with our 22 years of experience, we then construct the Ads campaign. Once the campaign goes live and performance data is received, our team uses data on an ongoing basis to optimize the campaign and maximize ROI.


While many Ads management companies use software to automatically manage campaigns, we manually manage Ads. Our Ads management professionals work directly within the Ads accounts, making decisions, finding trends, testing, interpreting data and collaborating directly with Google. Ads management software creates lazy campaign managers that rely on software to control accounts. Humans are still better at managing Ads than software, so our process ensures higher-level performance, fewer mistakes and improved communications.

3)  Call Tracking:  Lead Tycoons offers Custom Call Tracking Phone Numbers at your request.  With this feature, you would be granted access to a Call Tracking Dashboard that will show important metrics such as call duration, connected time, and much more.  This Call Tracking Dashboard also Records call should you need them for Quality Control Purposes.    Call Tracking Phone Numbers are subject to a $10/Month Fee along with Air Time (Usage) of .05 Cents Per Minute, billable every 30 Days through separate invoicing.  All invoices would be include Call Detail Records with total duration time calculated.   All invoicing for Air Time and Call Tracking Numbers need to be paid within 5 Business Days from time of issuance.  


 Ads Management Tasks:

–Initial account creation which includes configuring the campaign settings, building AdGroups, creating ads, keyword research and adding keywords, setting location targeting, setting delivery schedules, mobile vs. PC adjustments, etc. This builds the initial campaign environment to launch the campaign and to begin generating clicks.


–Installation of Ads conversion tracking code to provide the data needed to optimize Ads and determine an advertising ROI.


–Creation of a negative keyword list, enduring that the wrong keywords are not used.


–Addition of new search phrases based on what is and is not already successful.


–Keyword bid adjustments based on the performance of each individual keyword.


–Ad adjustments based on the performance of each individual ad. Replacing low-performance ads with new versions similar to high-performing ads.


–Adjusting bids for the time of day and day of week that ads are displayed.


–Adjusting bids for the type of device being used: PC vs. Mobile vs. Tablet.


–Adjusting bids based on geotargeting (if applicable).


–Scheduled monthly Google Ads campaign report.


Lead Tycoons Paid Social Ads for Re-Targeting (If Applicable)


When you post content regularly to social media platforms, both people and search engines notice. A presence on Facebook and Instagram helps drive inbound sales leads while increasing brand awareness. Facebook Ads allows for granular targeting to a large audience and considerable flexibility in how that audience is reached. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can establish your company as a trusted resource both online and off while also generating inbound sales leads.


Lead Tycoons provides all the tools your business needs for you to get noticed through paid social media advertising. We eliminate the challenges and daily headaches of posting content, building ads, targeting and monitoring campaigns to give you more focus for growing your business. With just a few preliminary questions, we can take the reins of your Facebook, Instagram and other accounts to grow them into productive digital marketing tools.


The core Lead Tycoons paid social media campaign is designed to drive your message to a receptive audience. Targeting can include many factors, and your target audience can grow over time. An added benefit is that paid social media ads help with generating inbound sales leads and inbound links to your website which can enhance your brand recognition and search engine ranking potential.


Paid Social Media Management Tasks:

–Creation of your social media platforms if they have not already been created.

–Identification of your target audiences

–Creation of your Facebook Ad campaign.

–Creation of content and media (images, video, etc.) to help engage your audience and produce inbound sales leads.

–Campaign management will be executed in a manner that it also benefits brand recognition and SEO

–Social media ads posts will be both professional and engaging.

–We can work autonomously, or address your specific requests

We can generate sales leads directly on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. If preferred, we can drive social media traffic directly to your website.


Initial Set Up Fee Breakdown:

Create and Design (2) Website/Landing Page Properties Optimized for Conversion within your existing Wordpress Website.  Landing Page Addendums of up to (3) Revisions or otherwise billable for additional revisions.  Our objective is to get your Pages Created with minimal revisions required.  

Gaining Access to your Google Ads Account  and creating the initial Ad Copies, Initiatives, Call Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Ad Grouping, Negative Keywords, and Re-Targeting Pixels where applicable.  

We will need a User Name Created within your Wordpress Account.  Please establish a 'User Name' and 'Password' via your Company Website -> Users (On Wordpress).  Example 

Our User Name:  

Our Password:  

Terms, Conditions, and Policies:

Client Understands that interfering with ongoing ad initiatives such as adjusting daily ad spend/budget amounts may have negative impacts as to the performance of the Ad Initiatives.  Google has an optimization period which is a critical time period so it’s algorithms can identify the target audience, best performing ad initiatives, and for utilization of the pre-set ad spend.   

Lead Tycoons is not responsible for Account Tampering by you or anyone else that you have granted access to your account.  If you wish to make suggestions or feedback we are more than happy to spend the time to formulate a roadmap inclusive of your ideas of changes.  

Lead Tycoons is not responsible if Google Ads Blocks, Suspends, and Bans your account.  Lead Tycoons will intervene in the event any correction action notifications are issued by Google and will make all efforts to apply the requested changes by Google.  

INDEMNIFICATION:   Client agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless JBW Business Consultants DBA Lead Tycoons against any and all claims, losses, penalties, causes of action, damages, liability, costs, expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs) and claims caused by or resulting indirectly from our management of your Ad Campaigns, without limitation or exception, including JBW Business Consultants DBA Lead Tycoons  if you are in violation of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) laws and regulations,  Do-No-Call (“DNC”)  laws and regulations, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 or any third party’s rights (including but not limited to infringement of any copyright trademark, service mark, trade secret, right of privacy or publicity, right to be protected by laws, third-party right, and regulation or guideline described in the terms of use, privacy policy). The terms of this section shall survive the termination of  relationship with JBW Business Consultants DBA Lead Tycoons.



Client Agrees, represents ,warrants and covenants that:

a. it has reviewed all applicable laws and regulations governing the relationship between your company and any Business, Consumer, or Lead acquired pursuant to this Agreement and including, but not limited to: The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (“TRACED”), The Gramm Leach Bliley Act, the Safeguards Rule, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, the Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (“ECOA,” including its implementing Regulation B), the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (including its implementing Regulation E), the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Prescreen Opt-Out Notice Rule, the Red Flags Rule, Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (“TCPA”), Do-Not-Call List (“DNC”) Rules & Regulations and further represents, warrants and covenants that it is currently in compliance therewith and will continue to comply therewith in connection with any business with whom client engages in any transaction as a result of any lead produced from any campaign managed by JBW Business Consultants, LLC DBA Lead Tycoons.

SENSITIVE DATA & ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES: You agree to comply with the Direct Marketing  Association’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices which outline generally accepted conduct principles.  All offers should be clear, honest, and complete so that the business owner may know the exact nature of what is being offered. Disparagement of any person or group on grounds addressed by federal or state laws prohibiting discrimination is unacceptable.  Solicitations should not be sent to business owners that are considered to be vulgar, immoral, profane, or offensive in any way. Sensitive data should not be made available for offers that imply credit approval, which reveal list selection or imply the recipient’s individual knowledge. An example is stating  “You are pre-approved.”

Payment Authorization 

You Authorize Lead Tycoons to Set Up a (1x) Per Month Recurring Billing After Account Set Up.   Your Monthly Recurring Billing Amount will be $999.00 Each Month Starting on (TO BE DETERMINED AFTER SET UP) and Ending On (Upon Written Notice of 7 Days to  Lead Tycoons also Reserves the Right to discontinue services with at least (7) Days Advance Noticed in Writing via E-Mail Correspondence.  Your One-Time Set Up Fee of $2,000.00 will be charged within (7) Days upon receipt of this Authorization.

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