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Custom UCC Leads

These Lists Include:

These are Custom NON-Custom UCC Lists Price Points.  Please call for Custom List Pricing.  If you have a custom request we will customize your UCC List based on Industries to Include, Exclude, and Even State Filed.  Once you place your order, we will contact you to get specifics.  Specifics are limited to Industry Types & States.

Pricing is based on the Minimum Order of 3,000 Records. 

Contact Name & Phone Number (Owner/Principal), Company Name, Full Address, SIC Code & Description, Filing Party, & Origination Date.

Pricing is Based on 3,000 Records. Call Us for Higher Volume Requests at 1-877-730-5323

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**We will always scan any data type for an Active Line Status prior to distributing any leads/list data sets to you.  This scan is 98%+ Accurate.  No more wasting time and money on disconnected numbers! 

**Upgrade your list to a Mobile Line Only Preference for just $50/More!

Product Details:

What Is a UCC Filing?

For online ordering the UCC Record count will be a “Non-Custom” UCC List.  Pricing is based on 3,000 Records.  We will remove any disconnected numbers after your report goes through a verification process.

A UCC Lien, or UCC filing, is a notice that a lender has a security interest in one or more of a company’s assets. The term comes from a collection of established rules that govern how commercial transactions work in the United States, called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

UCC Lists can be a valuable tool for Alternative Lending Professionals to reach Business Loan Borrowers with a Verified History of UCC Filings.

These are a great way to insert 3,000+ Records in your Marketing Strategies to Introduce your services. We offer Customization of UCC Records based on Industry Types & Company Locations.Learn more about how to leverage a UCC Lead List to your advantage https://leadtycoons.com/using-ucc-records-to-your-advantage/

UCC Leads are an extremely affordable way to identify businesses who have previously taken a Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance.  We offer CUSTOM UCC Lists and NON-CUSTOM.    If your organization has a specific industry type that you service or even operate within specific States, we can tailor your list to your specifications.  For Example, if you want to identify Pizzerias or Restaurants in Florida, Pennsylvania, other States we will run this report for you.    Call Us at 1-877-730-5323 for Custom Requests and will provide a quote.