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Fueled by real-time demand, the search engines deliver quality prospects to websites, at their moment of interest. Lead Tycoons has refined the art and science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping to direct interested consumers to our client websites. Lead Tycoons offers a comprehensive SEO, Ads Management and Lead Generation programs that accommodate all elements that impact search engine ranking, bundled in a tactful, ethical and effective program that produces results. At Lead Tycoons, we are digital marketing and website design experts - which is a critical step in helping businesses increase their visibility across the internet.

Lead Tycoons Website Design Services - Up to 7 Pages ($999.00) - Invoicing via

Lead Tycoons is an industry-leading Lead Generation firm backed by some of the leading talent in the United States. Each website we design has a strong SEO infrastructure, ensuring that it has the framework necessary to support strong search-based rankings. Many web design firms do not understand the inner working of the search engines, and consequently design websites that have little or no chance of capturing meaningful rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. We also understand that website traffic doesn not always begin at your home page, so it is important that internal web pages be as attractive and functional as the home page. By building higher-end internal pages, we can further boost search ranking opportunities as well as sales conversion rates. A Lead Tycoons website has more to offer than our competitor's site designs. 

At Lead Tycoons, we also understand that it is important for businesses to be able to access and interact with their own website. Our design platforms offer an intuitive CMS platform through WordPress to simplify the editing process for Clients. Other functions are also streamlined, like making website backups, building new web pages, adding/replacing images, and other common website maintenance tasks. We will be available to make adjustments for you when requested, but we encourage you to be engaged with your website as well. 

How It Works: We will first collaborate with you to understand the functionality and aesthetics you are looking for with your design. We then create a web development link and will build a home page and interior page for your review. After we receive your feedback and requested adjustments are made, we "lock-in" the approved look and layout, then complete the web design build. You can always check-in on our work and progress through the development link we provide you. We may also need resources from you, including images, logos or content. Once the design is completed, we will make our final edits as requested. Testing then begins to ensure that all functionality is working properly, including web forms and special features. The website will then be moved to permanent web hosting space. If you are hosting with us, we will include secure SSL hosting at no additional charge, as well as page speed load enhancements. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for missing design timelines if the scope of the design changes while the design is in progress, or if resources are not provided to us that are needed for the design. We will let you know if we are needing resources from you. 

DESIGN CREATIVE DISCOVERY– Discussion with Client to understand design goals, colors, layouts and other visual design elements. Often Client's present website designs they like, so we can better understand preferences and website capabilities. DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY DISCOVERY– Discussion with Client to understand general website functionality needs and the overall purpose/goals of the website. WORDPRESS DESIGN PLATFORM– Website design using the WordPress platform with current and licensed templates and plugins. 

RESPONSIVE DESIGN– Construction of a responsive website, allowing it to adjust to various screen resolutions, including mobile devices, PCs and tablets. 

FAST LOAD TIMES– We will implement industry-best-practices to help website page load times. Our capability to enhance load times increases if we host your website due to special speed enhancement resources we have access to. 

MODERN DESIGN– Adaptations of modern design techniques, including aesthetics and best-practices. 

SEO-FRIENDLY INFRASTRUCTURE– Web design infrastructure that is SEO-friendly: search engine indexing and crawling, no search-SPAM, proper rendering by search engines, mobile friendly. 

WEBSITE ACCESS & INTERACTION– Access to website administration resources to interact with the website: updates, adding pages, making edits. 

CONTENT CREATION– Content can be reused from a prior website, or may be supplied by Client. Lead Tycoons can create original content per request at an additional fee of $20 per every 100 words. 

IMAGES and GRAPHICS– Lead Tycoons has access to a library of millions of usable images to use for your design. We can also recycle images from a prior-design owned by Client.

However, if Lead Tycoons cannot find images that are satisfactory to Client, new images will need to be provided by Client at Client's expense. 

WEB PAGE CREATION– Construction of up to 10 separate web pages. Additional pages can be created at $150/page (content creation fee is separate). 

FUNCTIONALITY– Functionality includes web pages that provide content, contact and/or subscription forms and navigation. Special functionality requiring WordPress plugins may increase the cost, including scheduling/booking resources, ecommerce capability or real estate IDX feedsIf special functionality is needed, and is not listed below, please let us know in order to help improve the accuracy or our web design quote. 

Lead Tycoons Website Hosting Services –   $129/Annually

(Optional but Required if Hiring Us for any SEO Packages) 

WEBSITE HOSTING– Secure (SSL) website hosting to serve the website across the Internet. Allocates up to 8gb of hard drive space and 500mb of server memory, which is adequate for most small to medium sized companies. Higher server demand requires a custom hosting plan. 

 Current forecasting for turnaround time of this page is 2-3 Weeks.

Core Business Information

Business Summary

Alternative Business Financing

Official Business Name: Essential Equity

Business Email Address:

Business Phone Number:  TBD

Business Physical Address: TBD

Logo Design - $300.00

Exact Text Written in Logo (Business Name):  Essential Equity

Tagline Written in Logo (if any):   

Colors you want to see in the logo (Hex, Color Names, Attach Colors, Etc.):   Warm Palette

Specific concept of logo (i.e. Abstract, Flat, Modern, Etc.) (if any):  Finance Category

Any Additional Instructions, Comments or Requests:   N/A

Design Preferences

Let us know if there are any special design requests you may have for your new site. We will try our best to accommodate all requests or advise you on our professional advice on your requests.

Design # Chosen 

Design Preferences:  Sites for Inspiration::,

Header Content

Fast Funding for Your Business.  We are Direct.  0 Broker Fees.

Header Preferences

Video / Moving Element.  See Design Preferences.

Footer Content

Footer Preferences:  Address, Site Map

Page Content

Content:  Boiler Plate - Business Financing


Home, About, Business Funding Options

---Business Funding Options

-Merchant Cash Advance

-Term Loans

-Lines of Credit

-SBA Funding

-Equipment Financing

General Details / Terms

Once you complete the above details about your company and requests for your new website, we will immediately begin working on it. Please allow 14-21  business days for completion of the first initial draft. Holidays may cause design and development delays.  Once we send you an initial draft, you will have a formal opportunity for revisions where you send us (1) comprehensive list of revisions requested. After all revisions are completed, you’ll have one final opportunity to review and request minor tweaks/adjustments before Launch. Before launch, your website will undergo a formal quality control check to ensure nothing has been missed. Additional revisions/features requested may not be included in the original scope of your project.

Order Total:  Website + Logo = $1,299.00 to be Paid in Full Prior to Work Starting.  Invoicing will be sent via

Questions?  Call us 1-877-730-5323

-Your Team at Lead Tycoons

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