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Done-For-You Google Ads Management

If you need assistance with the underwhelming performance of your Current Online Google Ad Campaigns or Want to Launch a New Google Ad Campaign, we have you covered.  This service is all done within Your Google Ads Account.  Therefore you have visibility on everything that is taking place and can begin generating more business loan leads internally.

Ads Management FAQ

Lead Tycoons is giving you back more control of your Lead Generation Efforts, all under your watch. This Management is geared toward Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. You simply provide us access as an Agency Under your Google Ads Account and we perform the work necessary to Set Up, Optimize and Maintain Your Ads Budget. You Pay Google your Ad Spend Directly.
Yes, even if you have existing pages, we will most likely be able to locate optimization opportunities. If you do not have existing Landing Pages, this is Okay! We will create at least (2) Landing Pages depending upon your objectives and service options. For example, we don't necessarily want to send a Business Owner looking for Working Capital to an Equipment Financing Landing Page. We can and do offer Neutral Pages. We will work with you to determine the best path forward in recommending and creating landing page properties for your Ads Traffic.
If you have are currently running Ads and the performance is underwhelming and your Cost Per Deal is too high, we will conduct an Audit of your current set up and Landing Page Properties. Most of the time we are able to identify underutilization of areas on your Budget and Optimization opportunities to Lower the Cost Per Lead, and Cost Per Deal. Whether you have an existing ads account or not, we would conduct the following tasks not limited to: -Creating Ad Groups tailored toward your Business Finance Options and Services -Creating Targeted Search Engine Marketing Initiatives that appeal to Business Owners who are in pursuit of Business Financing or Funding. -Setting Up Compliant Re-Targeting Campaign Initiatives for Increased Brand Awareness and Conversion -Continually Adding Keywords from Search Phrase Conversion Data -Creating and Maintaining Ad Groups inclusive of Negative Keywords -Regularly Monitoring Performance through Analytics in an effort for continued optimization and efficiency. -Lowering the Cost Per Lead while Increasing Lead Acquisition Volume -Ad Extension Optimization -Bidding Option Management based upon performance metrics + A Whole Lot More - Mastering Ads is not a simple feat or overnight task. It requires frequent management and maintenance to avoid overspending while increasing optimization and conversions.
There are many variables here to consider and there is not required amount. Every company has a different marketing budget. . This boils down to how aggressive you want to be in the competitive marketplace of Alternative Business Finance. We will make recommendations and we do not have a budget requirement but will make recommendations. Remember, you would not be paying Lead Tycoons the Ad Spend. You will be paying your Ad Spend to Google Directly. Our Management Fee remains the Same, regardless of Budget.

Google Ads Management

  • Month to Month – No Long Term Contracts!
  • KPI Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • 2 Optimized Landing Pages Included!