How Do I Order Real-Time Leads From Lead Tycoons?

Ordering with us is Easy!

1) Click the Button Below (Or via Pricing in the Menu)
2) Select Your Package
3) Check Out
4) A member of our team will contact you shortly thereafter to get you set up in our lead distribution pipeline.

If you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to call or text us at 1.877.730.LEAD (5323).

How Does This Work?

Simply put, we use segmented digital marketing strategies to seek out business owners who are in need of capital due to a myriad of different reasons.   Once we have you set up to receive real-time leads, we will post them to your CRM (if applicable), Web API, or via E-Mail. You and your team will then receive 100% Exclusive Leads within seconds of the Business Owner requesting information.

Will These Leads Be Exclusive?

Absolutely. Our Leads are Exclusive as long as you remain a customer of Lead Tycoons. Otherwise, Exclusivity may expire after 30 Days.

How Will I Receive The Leads?

We have automation in place to distribute your leads to you seconds after we generate the lead via CRM Posting or via E-Mail Delivery. We can even set a threshold on the amount of leads you will receive on any given day.

Do I Have to Sign a Monthly Contract?

No Monthly Commitments! We offer a simple Pay-As-You-Go Option. However, you will need to review and sign off on a Lead Order Agreement.   We also recommend purchasing enough leads to receive continued distribution without interruption.

What If I Receive a Non-Qualified/Junk Lead?

Lead Tycoons is committed to your satisfaction. Therefore, if we encounter a fictitious lead , we simply ask that you disposition the lead as such and request a replacement. It is our goal to earn your repeat business so we are extremely reasonable in offering Lead Replacements.