Business Funding Live Transfer Calls

We offer high quality live transfer calls. Talk to Business Owners in Real-Time who are seeking Business Financing. Live Transfer Calls are arguably the highest quality leads that you can have.

Quality Live Transfer Calls Overview

MCA Live Transfer Calls

Lead Tycoons offers several options for Live Transfer Calls. You can immediately eliminate the” Cat and Mouse” game with Business Owners and speak to them directly in real-time. Business Loan Leads Live Transfer Calls are arguably one of the hottest and cost effective ways to have real-time access to Business Owners who are requesting more information about Business Financing.  More importantly the Business Owners must have expressed intent to proceed. Lead Tycoons does not force Live Call Transfers upon our members simply for the sake of generating a lead. We provide a *Quality-Control Backed Guarantee​so you do not have to stress out.  We’re committed to earning your repeat business and if you are an experienced Business Loan Broker, you will find tremendous value and upside to having these calls come to you at a consistent pace.

The Live Calls will ring into you while you are presented with a “Whisper” Message so you will clearly know that we are connecting you with a Business Owner on the line.  We will give you a brief introduction to who is on the line and upon a successful connection, we will send you the pre-screening questionnaire that we reviewed with the business owner.  You will find this to be helpful to help you navigate through the call.

Having Live Calls as a supplement to your current marketing efforts is a cost effective and less labor intensive alternative to accessing prospective clients in real-time.  The more financing options & funding alternatives you have as a business loan broker the better your experience will be.  If you have access to offer business owners a variety Business Funding and Working Capital Solutions, Live Calls are a great alternative to any cold outreach initiatives that you are running.  In addition, Online Pay-Per-Click Advertising has continued to rise and shows not signs of slowing down.  Therefore, if you are a Business Loan Broker and need predictable and consistent access to New Client Opportunities, then it is in your very best interest to add this supplement lead production effort as part of your marketing efforts.

Live Call Transfer Details

  • Pre-Screened for Business Revenue, Time in Business, Seeking Amount, Motivation to Get Financing.
  • Calls are Recorded for Quality Control & Assurance Purposes
  • Scheduling Preferences Available!
  • Low Minimum Starter Packages​ from 50 Live Call Transfers/Month.

Pre-Screening Information

  • Business is Operating within the United States
  • Minimum 6+ Months in Business
  • $10,000 + (Minimum) in Revenue
  • Requesting Funding within at least 30 Days
  • Business Checking Account
  • *Custom Add On Screening By Request

Option 1

  • 50 Live Calls
  • No Long Term Commitments!
  • *Daily Volume 2-3 Calls
  • Real-Time Pre Screening Notifications
  • Dashboard Access for Reporting & Call Recordings
  • Interactive Voice Response Enabled
  • Replacement Eligible

Option 2

  • 100 Live Calls
  • No Long Term Commitments!
  • *Daily Volume 4-6 Calls
  • Real-Time Pre Screening Notifications
  • Dashboard Access for Reporting & Call Recordings
  • Interactive Voice Response Enabled
  • Replacement Eligible