Micro Funding Business Loan Leads 

Micro Funding Business Loan Leads – Super Small Businesses need help too! We offer “Micro Funding” Business Loan Leads of Business Owners who are in pursuit of financing options for their Business or Start Up.  

Micro Funding Leads Overview

Merchant Cash Advance Leads

We regularly Generate Leads Business Owners who are representing Low Monthly Revenue or are in the Start Up Phase.  Generally, these Business Owners are indicating that their Revenue is Less Than $100,000 Per Year.  These leads can be terrific for Business Funding Professionals for a variety of reasons.  If you are able to secure Business Funding for these businesses, you are setting yourself up for a long-term client.  These Business owners have challenges in securing financing due to being in the Start-Up Phase or are experiencing challenges in growing their business.  Perhaps, they need that boost from a Business Funding Professional like you to help them grow their business.   We offer Multiple Delivery Options for Micro Funding Leads in the Real-Time environment.  We can set your account up to receive a Live Call Transfer, Individual E-Mail Delivery, SMS, and/or CRM Posting.  Get in on the ground floor with these businesses and adding these leads to your Sales Pipeline will set your Business Loan Broker Shop up for Success in the Short and/or Long-Term.


  • Business Owner is representing Less Than $100,000 in Revenue
  • Delivery Notification Options and Call Transferring Available!
  • Consistent Delivery!
  • Low Minimum Starter Packages​ from just 25 Leads

Delivery Options

  • Live Call Transfer
  • Individual E-Mail Delivery (Real-Time)
  • SMS Text Notification (Real-Time)
  • CRM Posting (We Integrate with almost any Platform)

Option 1

  • 25 Micro Funding Leads
  • Per Order Basis
  • *Daily Volume 2-5 Leads Per Day
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Call Transfer Delivery + $5 Per Lead

Option 2

  • 50 Micro Funding Leads
  • Per Order Basis
  • *Daily Volume 3-6 Leads Per Day
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Call Transfer Delivery + $5 Per Lead