Lead Tycoons Merchant Advance Leads

Real-Time Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Our Lead Generation Services include capturing leads of Business Owners who are seeking Capital. A popular product that Business Owners are learning about is Merchant Cash Advances. We target business owners who are actively seeking alternative financing solutions. Learn More about Real Time MCA Lead Options Such as Live Transfer Calls or Web Leads & Appointments
It’s the 21st century and things are happening at lightning speed. The world is changing every minute, especially in today’s market which moves so fast that companies can’t keep up with it all by themselves!. Getting Real-Time Access to Merchant Cash Advance Leads will help you stay on top of your game. We offer a predictable and consistent distribution of MCA Leads Real-Time as these leads come from Online and Offline Campaign Initiatives. Therefore, you as a Business Loan Broker or Lender can acquire new clients and fund more deals at a lower cost per acquisition than your competitors. We have already spent the Marketing Dollars and built historical data that is required in learning how to produce MCA Leads with fully dialed in systems. We work on a Per-Lead-Per-Order Basis so you don’t have to worry about the monetization of unqualified leads. All of our Merchant Cash Advance Lead Programs come with a Quality Control Backed Guarantee. While we cannot guarantee conversions, we can guarantee that we will put our money where our mouth is in getting you access to Business Owners who are in pursuit of funding their business operations.


Working Capital Leads

Business Owners who are in a Cash Crunch may need your assistance. We capture and distribute leads 24/7 in real-time. Stay ahead of your competition with real-time inbound inquiry leads. These business owners need your help! For Example, a Family Owned Pizzeria has an emergency and needs a new Pizza Oven and Fast. They can not wait for Insurance or all of the Red-Tape from traditional financial institutions. They turn to a Merchant Cash Advance Broker or Direct Funding Company who facilitates a Working Capital Solution within 24 Hours

SBA Loan Leads

Small Business Owners often depend on Alternative Lenders and Brokers to guide them through all of the red tape. We capture leads of business owners who qualify and are seeking Small Business Association (SBA) Loans. These leads of business owners who are seeking capital will carry credit score indicators of 680 or Better.   **Update** The Small Business Administration is providing SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million.  This Means there will most certainly be additional inquiries for business financing.  In addition, many small businesses will not be eligible or qualify for various reasons.  We can give you access to Business Owners who may seek out an SBA Loan so you can help facilitate this.  If in the event they are not eligible for an SBA Loan and you may have alternative financing options let us know.  The SBA Introduced some amazing programs to Small Business Owners that needed financial assistance over the past two years.  If you are a Loan Broker that is partnered with an SBA Lender we can help line you up with Business Owners that on the surface may qualify or be eligible for SBA Funding. 



Aged MCA Leads

Many Business Owners who have past difficulties obtaining traditional financing become undecided on accepting a Merchant Cash Advance.  Perhaps, they accepted a Merchant Cash Advance and need more Cash now.   We can provide you with contacts of these Business Owners who previously inquired about short term business financing options.  Can you help these Merchants? Prove It!  Learn More About Aged MCA Leads

Business Loan Leads

Lead Tycoons generates high-quality and targeted business loan leads. We help bridge the gap between Merchants and Small Business Loan Professionals. Merchants need your help, every day! Contact Lead Tycoons for Business Loan Leads.  Did you know that Lead Tycoons has also been chosen as one of the top choices of The Business Loan Leads Marketplace?  Check us out in the coming months as our company has been featured as a Top Choice for Business Loan Brokers that are looking for Business Loan Leads and MCA Data Services. 



Invoice Factoring Leads

In our marketing efforts online and offline we encounter may business owners from many different industries.  In particular, we have noticed an increase in demand from Business Owners that are in Industries such as Construction, Transportation, Logistics, Electrical, and HVAC Companies.  Many of these types of small businesses experience cash flow issues from slow paying contractors, vendors, and customers.  Often times they may need access to short-term working capital solutions and invoice factoring.   These industries experience cash-flow issues and will regularly seek out business funding options to help them.  On the other side of the coin many of these business owners may not necessarily realize all of the options that may be out there.  Therefore, when we provide Business Loan Leads or Merchant Cash Advance Leads to you, we always recommend performing additional discovery and take a consultative approach when stepping in to facilitate business funding for these companies.



MCA Leads FAQ and Definitive Guide

In simplest terms, MCA Leads are Business Owners that are seeking a fast non-bank alternative to business funding. One of those alternatives is known as a Merchant Cash Advance. Our engagement with Business Owners is met head on with their demand and often times they need access to fast working capital solutions such as an MCA (Merchant Cash Advance).
The Costs for MCA Leads varies depending upon the campaign initiative and availability. Our initiatives are not specifically tailored for MCA as there are various challenges that go with that. Many times a Business Owner needs to be educated after further discovery and you as their broker or lender need to put them in the right doorway based upon their situation. Therefore, MCA Lead Pricing can and will vary as there is a not a fixed cost with this. We have Aged Leads from as little as .40 Cents Per Record to Real-Time Online Generated Leads of $65 and everything in between.
We will always recommend an omni-channel multi-prong approach to generating and producing Leads for Merchant Cash Advance Brokers. We recommend utilizing Outbound Telecommunication, Online Ads, E-Mail Campaigns, Banner Initiatives, SMS Outreach, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Display Network Advertising, and Video Content.