How to Get the Best MCA Leads for Your Business Funding Broker Shop

If you are an active Business Loan Broker and/or a Merchant Cash Advance Advisor, you know that finding MCA Leads can be a Daunting Task.  We recognize this stressor and have a multitude of ways to put you in a position to blow by your competitors and fellow brokers.  There is not a singular method on how to get MCA Leads for your brokerage.  Outlined below we will share 6 Ways to get access to a constant flow of leads so you can always have your sales pipeline active.  So you want to know how to get MCA Leads ..Let’s Dive right in!  

Diversifying your MCA Leads Strategies

1. Run Paid Ad Campaigns via Google Ads, Bing

If you are not tech savvy, don’t fret.  Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising have great support teams and dedicated account managers to help you set up and monitor your campaigns.  Therefore, they not only want you to Spend Money with them, but have a vested interest in helping you be successful.  Afterall, the better your business performs, the likelihood you will increase your Ad Budget and Spending over time.  In addition, there are many walk-through tutorials on YouTube.  If you simply want nothing to do with this method, we get it.  This is why we exist and we offer Done-For-You Ads Management.  

2. Business Directory Advertising

Most Major Cities have a Local Chamber of Commerce and Local Business Directories.  Simply perform a Google Search of Local Directories in your Area and Set Up a Company Profile.  Furthermore, reach out to the Business Directory and inquire about Sponsorship Opportunities on their website.  Many Locally Ran Directories may only charge as little as $25-$50 Per Month for a Banner Placement.  Repeat this method on 50 or 100 City Directories across the Country and the leads will be popping in.  Even if you get a single conversion per placement over the course of a year this Banner Placement more than pays for itself in most cases.  It is important to note that you should ask them about their website traffic as advertising on a website that gets very low traffic may not be that great of an opportunity.  There are other ways to identify a website’s visitor traffic without taking their word for it.  So Check out this Free Tool from Similar Web.  On the other hand, if your marketing budget allows for it, sometimes it’s not always bad to support a Directory in its infancy stages and get in on the ground floor with Main Page Banner Placements.  That is more of a conversation and negotiation you should have with the Directory Ownership as long as they have a plan in place to grow the directory itself. 

3. E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

If you are comfortable in writing content, have creativity, and the ability to stand out from the crowd you can get a fantastic Cost-Per-Acquisition over time with E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.  To Be Clear, E-Mail Marketing does not mean shot-gunning and e-mail one time and asking someone for their business.  This in many cases will provide no results and perhaps do harm to your company brand.  E-Mail Marketing needs to be well thought out and executed.  However, if you have a knack for content, patience to nurture, and are comfortable with systems then E-Mail Marketing Campaigns can be a fantastic means to get Business Funding Leads.  Check Out MailClickConvert and ask them how they will help you to avoid hurting your brand and website domain if you are new to e-mail marketing.  

4. Digital Telemarketing

We have been in the Call Center Industry for well over a decade.  As time goes on, the metrics are very telling.  Contact Rates are dropping at an alarming rate.  This is thanks to various advanced technologies with carriers and networks blocking out what they may identify to be “Telemarketing/Spam” or Unwanted Calls.  Therefore it is time to at least start to consider getting into SMS/Text Message Marketing Campaigns.  There are many platforms in the marketplace that offer this Servicing.  All you need to do is fuel them with Data and Have Strategic Messaging.  Don’t be overly aggressive.  Send a message that gets them engaged.  Also look into having additional Numbers Registered as you will most likely need to change these frequently.  There are many restrictions and policies with SMS Campaigning so be sure to understand and adhere to the Policies, Terms, and Conditions of these platforms along with adhering to Federal Laws.  Once you are ready to launch these types of Campaigns, it’s time for you to get Mobile Line Data.

5. Aged Business Funding Leads

If you are a Phone Warrior, Aged Leads are an extremely affordable and cost effective way to find your next clients.  Business Owners are frequently looking at their cash flow and welcome trusted advisors who can get them access to working capital solutions.  We always say, contacting Aged Leads is simply Money waiting to be Found in-form of Commission for you and Funding for them.  Get Some!  

6. Live Calls

If you are tired of pounding the phones, we offer a 100% Guaranteed Contact Rate with Live Call Transfers.  These are Business Owners who are expressing an interest in getting Funding and want to talk to a Business Funding Professional right on the spot. We will put you right on the phone with the prospective borrower after a brief introduction.  


How to Get MCA Leads

Final Words,

The above recommendations and strategies only scratches the surface of having access and generating to Business Loan Leads and MCA Leads on a constant basis.  We can’t emphasize enough that your Cost Per Lead is not as important as your Overall Cost-Per-Acquisition or in your case Cost-Per-Deal-Funded.  However, a Lead that you generate through any means, and does not convert is not the end of the tale.  A Business Owner that is not interested today does not mean they will not be interested in 2 Weeks, 30 Days, 6 Months from now.  You should deploy a retargeting, remarketing, and nurturing strategy.  Automation is your friend.  As you harvest leads over a period of time with proper nurturing you may be amazed at the boom-a-rang effect that you have created.  If this strategy is executed upon properly and with precision you will be arming yourself and your team with a constant flow of higher quality leads.  If you are a Business Loan Broker, you need to be all-in for these strategies to work.  If you are struggling to find your next deal or have hit a plateau just know this does not need to be forever.   If you would like to focus on sales and be more hands off on marketing we will help you.   Contact Us Today for your Free Marketing Consultation.