3 Sites that every Business Finance Professional should join to help Generate Business Funding Leads.

We recognize the challenges that many of our customers have in generating their own leads internally.  While it is imperative to diversify your lead generation and marketing efforts to keep a steady pace in leads.  Below is a list of social media platforms to help you generate your own traffic.

First, it is important that you have a Professional Website that has a Lead Generation Capture Form.  Also, you will want to make sure your company has Social Media Business Pages.  If you need help developing and creating a website contact us.

  1.  LinkedIn – The ultimate Professional Network Social Media Platform.  There are a variety of Business Owner and Entrepreneur “Groups” within the LinkedIn Platform.  (Note:  Do not join a group and on Day 1 start plugging your services, this will most likely get you banned from the group.  Also, if you are going in and immediately jumping into your offerings and they group administrators let it fly, chances are the group no longer functions as an informational tool to Business Owners as everyone is doing the same thing).  Instead, observe the activity for a few days and provide educational content on different threads.  Just because the thread does not get a whole lot of traction and activity does not mean people are not lurking and observing your activities.  Cost:  $0 – $79.00/Per Month
  2. Alignable  – Create a free profile and connect with business owners within your area who may need your services.  This up and coming platform has gained momentum since inception in 2012.  While the Free Version is relatively limited in networking, you can extend your reach to Business Owners who may need your services.  Cost:  $0-$30/Per Month
  3. StartupNation – A leading forum for Startup Companies and Tech Companies that provides A-Z Resources from Operations to Financing.  If you are a Business Loan Professional that has the ability to offer Start Up Funding for Businesses we highly recommend getting registered on this site.

Key Takeaways

Whatever forums you join – do not spam within the forums.  This will cheapen your services and make you come across desperate.  Within any new forum that you join we recommend being an observer for a few days to catch on to the do’s and don’ts.  The veterans of the forums and high volume contributors do not care for “newbies” who come into their house and only advertise themselves and solicit business.  Provide knowledge and the lurkers and active participants will recognize your expertise.

We exist because many organizations simply choose to outsource and/or diversify their lead generation and marketing efforts.  We are here to help you with that.  However, try to spend 20 minutes per week on these forums and let them grow on you.