2019 Merchant Cash Advance Leads

In an effort to better serve our Existing and Prospective Customers we have added some New Merchant Cash Advance Leads.  As a silent partner in your company’s growth, we will always look to add New Products & Services so we can develop a long-term working relationship with you.  

2019 Merchant Cash Advance Leads and Business Loan Leads Available:

????  Real-Time & Exclusive Leads

Your Merchant Cash Advance Real-Time & Exclusive Leads will be distributed Automatically when generated via our Automated Lead Distribution System. You will have a “Lead Distribution Profile” within our System that works within a Round Robin Distribution Pace.  Your Daily Exposure or Distribution Pace is dependent on your overall order size. If we are at capacity we will not take on New Customers. We believe in providing a consistent lead flow to our customers so rest assured that your lead distribution pace will not be placed on the back burner to favor other new customers.  Real-Time & Exclusive Leads are available on a limited basis depending upon demand.  

Monday-Friday *Projected Delivery Pace

 (All Orders are based on fulfillment projections of 20 Days)

All New Customers may enter into our Main Lead Flow on Monday of each week.  Therefore, to secure a placement in our Real-Time Lead Flow, please be sure to finalize your order details no later than Thursday of the prior week.  You can initiate your Order here: https://leadtycoons.com/product/real-time-exclusive-web-leads/

????  Aged Leads

Aged Leads are a Great Value with the right processes in place.  Adding 500+ Business Owner contacts is a fantastic way to build your pipeline.  

Less Than 90 Days Aged Leads:

Order Online at https://leadtycoons.com/product/30-to-90-days-aged-opt-in-lists/

90+ Days Aged Leads

Order Online at https://leadtycoons.com/product/90-plus-days-aged-opt-in-lists/

????  Custom UCC Lead Lists

UCC Records (Uniform Commercial Code Leads) can be a valuable point of entry for Alternative Lending Professionals.  These records indicate that a previous Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance was facilitated.  

We can customize Industry Type, Filing Party, State + More.  

Once you initiate your Order, we will contact you to get specific details on what you are seeking.  

Order Online at https://leadtycoons.com/product/ucc-leads/

You can view even MORE Merchant Cash Advance Leads and Business Loan Lead Offerings at https://leadtycoons.com/pricing/


We are constantly adding new Products & Services to better serve everyone.  Our goal is to help you become successful and by doing so we will maintain a long-term relationship by being a preferred lead source for you.  


Please Call us at 1-877-730-LEAD if you have any questions about any of our offerings.  


Cheers to Your Success,


-Your Team at Lead Tycoons