So You Want Free Business Loan Leads?

Dear Prospective Customer,

Thank you for considering our Lead Generation Products and Services.  It is our understanding that in order for us to earn your business you are requiring to sample leads at no cost.  At this time we do not typically extend free leads to Prospective Customers. However we may be willing to consider your request, but we have some questions first.  We understand your wanting to test the leads at no cost may be for reasons might not be limited to erring on the side of caution, nervousness, indecisiveness, budgetary or bad experiences with other vendors.

We want you to know that Business Loan Leads are expensive to generate (at least for us.) In the Business Loan Vertical, these leads can often climb to $60 or more per lead to generate depending upon the source, strategies, etc. The leads then need to be maintained and stored in a secure database that requires fees. There are also various administrative and utility costs along with general overhead.  In addition to the monetary costs associated here, there are terms and conditions regarding compliance issues that we ask all customers to acknowledge. Leads are digital goods. This intangible product can be perceived as if Business Loan and MCA Leads come out of thin air.

We truly understand taking on a cost to acquire new customers, but it is not within our means as an organization to generate leads at a cost and distribute leads to you at no cost. Especially without an established relationship.  

We want to make sure we are not doing a disservice to a business owner by placing their information in the hands of customers whom we have no monetary commitment from. A monetary commitment would demonstrate your seriousness into achieving the result of helping a business owner with their needs.

Therefore, you are asking us to entrust you with these assets. We have several questions for you so we can consider the possibility of extending you these leads at no cost.

-How many free leads would it take for you to make an assessment as to the quality?

-Do you have an array of products and services with the ability to monetize the lead (business owner) that may have a challenging situation?

-How long has your operation been established?

-If the lead doesnt “buy” right away in your opinion is that lead no good?

-What strategies does your organization have in place to properly nurture these leads?

-Do you have a CRM to keep this data organized and secure?  If so please specify which CRM.

-How many contact attempts will you make per lead until you consider that lead to be cold or “junk?”

-Are you willing to share a report of the outcome or disposition of these leads free/test/sample leads?

-What would be your monetary commitment to us if you wanted to purchase leads from us after this test run?

We feel it’s only fair to ask these questions so we can make a sound business decision to get you these leads at no upfront cost.

Based upon our review of your responses we may consider your request for Free Business Loan Leads.


-Lead Tycoons