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Increase conversions with MCA Aged Leads

There are (3) Keys to Success in utilizing Aged Lead Records. We have heard of some customers not having success, and other customers forcing us to take more money or commissions based upon the deals that they have converted. In order for Aged Leads to be successful, they NEED to be nurtured. Depending on Aged Leads for instant or immediate returns can be far fetched unless you are striking at the absolute right time with the business owner.

  1.  Have a CRM! You need to be able to keep your leads organized and updated with Notes, Status’, Requesting Information, Follow Up Scheduling, and Prior Contacts Made. Check out ConvergeHub MCA CRM to keep you organized.
  2. Have an automated e-mail drip campaign set up. This means e-mailing them more than once until they unsubscribe. “Drip” content on them and don’t jam applications down their throat every time. Make sure you schedule automated e-mails for actions that are taken.  Example Rule Setting:  An automated e-mail 24 hours after they open your initial e-mail. It is important to not overdue it. You don’t want to become annoying and have people reporting your e-mails as spam.
  3. Call More than 1x! Just because the person was not interested at that very moment, or you were not able to reach them directly does not mean that lead is no good. You need to make sure you have the internal processes in place to keep the prospect engaged over the long-term. Its always nice to have a prospect come out of no where and tell you that they are ready to proceed. If you are tired of dialing manually, check out our Partner Phone Burner and dial up to 4 MORE TIMES per dialing session. With Phone Burner you will also be able to send e-mails and voicemail drops simultaneously if a prospect does not pick up the phone. Take the 7 Day Free Trial Today!

Follow these key steps and we trust that you will be firing on all cylinders when adding hundreds or thousands of Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads into your sales and prospecting pipeline.

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-Your Team at Lead Tycoons