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Lead Tycoons has decades of combined experience in owning and operating various small businesses in a variety of different industries.  We have a real-world understanding of the challenges that come finding reliable vendors that care about delivering a quality product & service to customers.  We have built various small businesses from scratch using creative and strategic marketing efforts.  Customer Retention always remained high and this is simply due to the relationships that we have established along with the quality of services that we have consistently delivered.  We also understand the mindset of Small Business Owners who may need access to capital from growing their business to smoothing over cash flow issues.   You will find that Lead Tycoons is a reliable, consistent, and quality lead generation service provider.   We have a high standard regarding accessibility and we are here to support you.   Our objective is retaining your business, developing a partnership, and having fun making money together.  We understand and respect your daily grind and want to support that hustle.  We hear the horror stories of people getting burned by other lead vendors.  We have a severe issue with these problem providers.  This makes our job that much more difficult while causing business loan brokers & funding companies that much more skeptical of hiring external lead sources.  We see right through many of the lead vendors that operate within the business finance space.  Often times, you won’t realize you made the wrong choice until its too late.  If a company is selling MCA applications with Bank Statements and information, making claims to know funded amounts across the board,  specific conversion rates, or are selling information that was obtained via another Business Funding Company, you should immediately turn the other way.  Many of these lead vendors have absolutely  no ethics or boundaries and will ultimately set you up for failure.   They say you are who you surround yourself with.  This applies to business as well.  Think about that.  

MCA Leads

Quality, Accuracy, and Reliability. We care about our Members and will prove it every time you look to us for MCA Leads.

When you engage with us you are making a decision to outsource all or part of your marketing efforts.  We generate leads everyday of business owners who are seeking access to Working Capital Solutions.   According to Small Business Administration’s SBA.Gov there are over 33 Million Small Businesses operating as of 2020.  This is relevant because this shows just how large the audience is.  We want to work with people who truly have a desire to help these business owners with financing options.  Of course we want you to make money as well – however your long term success will depend upon your commitment to your clients.  We have a variety of different Merchant Cash Advance Leads based upon your preferences, budget, and company size.    Whether you hire us for Live Transfer Calls, Web Leads & Appointments or to get access to Aged MCA Leads or UCC Leads we have you covered to get you access to business owners who need your help.  We are proud to have the technology behind us to deliver quality of any Lead List or Data Set that you obtain from us. Meaning, your frustrations can end here as we refuse to disburse leads that have an abundance of wrong information and disconnected phone numbers.

We are realists and we will work with you on a professional, but human level to help you accomplish your objectives.   We have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of Top Earning Business Loan Brokers, /ISO’s and Direct Business Funding Companies.  We have gained insights and experience on what works and what does not if you are offering Alternative Financing.  We always encourage all of our members to also have solutions for business owners who might not want a Short Term Merchant Cash Advance but perhaps a longer term loan, line of credit, or other alternative credit facilities.

MCA lenders usually have two options if they want to find companies that need a loan. One is for them to hire an MCA broker, and the other option would be to buy MCA leads from a professional lead generating company. If you look back to a few years ago, you will soon see that a lot of lenders would try and get their products sold through brokers. These brokers would then go through the door-to-door sales approach in an attempt to gain more customers. This tactic actually continued way after Merchant Cash Advances started being offered online. Merchant cash advances are very much available and there are so many firms that offer them. That being said, only 10% of brokers are able to adopt a good business model. It’s difficult to hard-sell without going over the line, and sometimes high-interest rates and even repayment schedules end up killing the cash flow that their clients do have. 

In an attempt to increase sales, MCA lenders began to offer a higher commission to brokers. A $20,000 MCA may get the broker a solid commission of $2,200, but this didn’t solve the problem that came with hard-selling or door-to-door sales. That is why a lot of firms started to offer MCA leads for sale. These kinds of leads can give a lot of details about a prospect, which can then be transferred to the lending firm and even private lenders. A lot of reputable lead generating firms verify the details of the prospect before they go on to sell the leads to the lender. MCA lenders and their brokers can then enjoy a much higher conversion rate when they do get in touch with their leads. This saves a lot of time and money, not to mention that it frees up time and energy that can then be used in other, more important aspects of their business.

Buying MCA Leads is Cost-Effective

Of course, choosing the right lead generating firm is so important when it comes to buying MCA leads. There are merchants who offer merchant cash advance live transfers and there are ones who offer real-time leads. Live transfers are leads that are generated by the client requirement and who are not contacted by any lender, so far. This reduces competition and it also significantly increases your chance of converting. Buying MCA leads can be a very cost-effective option if you work as part of a private MCA firm or if you are a private lender. Most of the time, a fixed rate will be charged and this makes it easier than ever for lenders to only pay for what they purchase. The success depends on how fast the broker or the lender is able to contact the lead when the details have been transferred. The faster you act, the much higher chance you have of being able to convert.

Advantages of MCA Lead Generation

Merchant cash funding is quite possibly one of the best ways for you to secure the cash you need if you are a small company and you need to keep your business running. The great thing about a merchant cash advance is that you don’t have to have a good credit score and the processing time is very low as well. With all of these benefits, comes a lot of competition though. If you are a broker for MCA funding, then you may find it incredibly difficult to find businesses

that are interested in getting funding but haven’t been approached already. The great thing about getting MCA leads is that you can significantly boost your list size and you can also rocket your chances of conversion. If you are interested in finding out the advantages that come with purchasing leads for MCA purposes, then take a look below.


MCA lead generation can make the process of you having to find a lead way simpler. It makes it a far easier task for you if you are offering a merchant cash advance. You will not have to worry about trying to find the leads yourself and this is known as being a long and difficult process. Sometimes you may find that you do not get any good rewards from it either, which is the last thing that you need. If you buy the leads then you just have to work on closing the deal as opposed to having to spend a lot of time finding the lead, and then finding out if they are even remotely interested.

Better Conversion

Merchant lead generation can easily boost your overall conversion rate if you are a financial institution that offers merchant cash advances, or if you are a broker looking to secure deals. If you buy the leads then you may find that you have the chance to convert a number of your leads into sales and the higher leads you have, the higher chance you have of being able to convert. This is a luxury that you would not have had access to if you were relying on cold prospecting to try and get all of the leads yourself. Secondly, the leads that you are buying are all prequalified, meaning that your customers are all very much interested in your MCA funding and advanced funding. For this reason, it is easier for you to close the deal and you can also secure the sale.

Easier Conversions

As mentioned above, you can convert better if you invest in MCA lead generation, but did you know that you can also convert leads easier too? Buying leads can make it easier for you to get the sales you need because you only have the task of closing the deal. You do not need to advertise, gather the leads yourself, or worry about hard selling. Every lead you get is someone interested in getting MCA funding, and this can really work in your favor if you want to make sure that you are maximizing your potential when it comes to making successful deals.

Huge Upselling Potential

Lastly, another benefit of MCA leads through a company such as ours, is that you have a huge potential when it comes to upselling. When you buy leads through us, you know that the leads are already people who are interested in getting funding or an advance. This means that it is easier for you to upsell and make more of a sale which will make your profit margin way higher overall.

Behavior Intelligence and Data Collection for MCA Leads

If you want to make sure that your leads are the best that they can be, then you want to make sure that you are not just getting leads without knowing anything about them. If possible, you need to know their name, their title, the name of the company and their phone number. You may also want to know what their collateral is and how many employees they have. This will help you to ensure that you are not offering a small loan without any upsell potential to a company that is successfully bringing in big money. After all, this is a missed sales opportunity for you, and this is the last thing that you need. If you want to make sure that this isn’t the case, then behavioral intelligence is so important. Data collection goes hand-in-hand with this, as it helps you to make more informed decisions regarding your customers, as if you had gotten the leads yourself, but without all of the time and effort.

Expert Targeting

MCA leads can be a budget-friendly way for you to get a lot of exposure, and on top of this, it allows you to target people who may have expressed interest in getting an MCA loan in the past. If you look at aged MCA leads for example, you will soon see that this can help you to build your pipeline. If you purchase aged leads, then this can give you access to thousands of merchants who may be interested in your services, so you can target them over time. You have to remember that leads are never usually a one-call close, meaning that you will have to spend some time developing them until they eventually take out an MCA with you. With aged leads, you can catch leads after they have made an enquiry, when they are interested but not quite at the point where they are ready to commit. If you can work your magic here, you can turn them into loyal customers who come back to you time and time again. The upside potential to this is extreme, so it is vital that you explore this as it could give you the expert targeting capability you need to hone in your efforts on people who you know have a keen interest in finding out more.

Eliminating Fraud

Another bonus of data collection is that it helps you to eliminate fraud. If you are a broker, then it is vitally important that you do not give an MCA to someone who is committing fraud. The main reason why this is the case is because it forces you into high-risk situations where the chances of you being able to get the money back are incredibly slim. That is why data collection and data intelligence is so important. Data intelligence from MCA leads and data collection gives you the chance to make sure that the leads you are generating are solid, and that they have gone through various quality checks to ensure that the bad, or suspicious leads are somewhat weaned out before they arrive to you.

Why Get your MCA Leads through Lead Tycoons?

Lead Tycoons have years of experience when it comes to MCA leads and we are very proud to say that we are always doing what we can to make sure that we go the extra mile where possible. We can make sure that we give you the support you need to ensure that your leads are not fraudulent, and we can also help to process your leads in as little as 24 hours as well. If you want to find out more about that, then simply look below.

Lead Tycoons Ensures that All Leads are Clean from a Data Hygiene Perspective and Quality Control.

When you come to us for lead generation, you will be glad to know that all of our leads go through a quality assurance process. We make sure that our leads are verified so that you do not end up wasting your time calling leads that are either just not usable or suitable for your brokerage. When you come to us, we eliminate things like disconnected phone numbers or spam emails. We also have a telecommunications platform that helps us to validate the contact information of the person who you are going to be calling, so you can get a high level of enhanced connectivity while also feeling assured knowing that everything is going to be safe and secure.

Processing New Lead Orders within 24 Hours

We can help you by processing your leads within as little as 24 hours as well. We always get your leads on demand too. The great thing about coming to us is that we offer a lot of different options and opportunities when it comes to MCA leads, not to mention that you can easily order online. You will have your leads within the next day, and this helps us to really provide a good service that you can count on time and time again. We offer a lot of different options when it comes to MCA leads, and you can choose from a lot of different options as well so you have complete assurance of knowing that we always have something that will work for you. If you want to contact us to find out more then please do not hesitate to Call Us Anytime as we are available by Phone 24/7  you are interested in seeing how we can help you. 

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