Lead Tycoons is on your side to provide Compliant, Consistent, and Quality MCA Leads

Lead Tycoons has decades of combined experience in owning and operating various small businesses in a variety of different industries.  We have a real-world understanding of the challenges that come finding reliable vendors that care about delivering a quality product & service to customers.  We have built various small businesses from scratch using creative and strategic marketing efforts.  Customer Retention always remained high and this is simply due to the relationships that we have established along with the quality of services that we have consistently delivered.  We also understand the mindset of Small Business Owners who may need access to capital from growing their business to smoothing over cash flow issues.   You will find that Lead Tycoons is a reliable, consistent, and quality lead generation service provider.   We have a high standard regarding accessibility and we are here to support you.   Our objective is retaining your business, developing a partnership, and having fun making money together.  We understand and respect your daily grind and want to support that hustle.  We hear the horror stories of people getting burned by other lead vendors.  We have a severe issue with these problem providers.  This makes our job that much more difficult while causing business loan brokers & funding companies that much more skeptical of hiring external lead sources.  We see right through many of the lead vendors that operate within the business finance space.  Often times, you won’t realize you made the wrong choice until its too late.  If a company is selling application information, making claims to know funded amounts across the board,  specific conversion rates, or are selling bank statements you should immediately turn the other way.  Many of these lead vendors have absolutely  no ethics or boundaries and will ultimately set you up for failure.   They say you are who you surround yourself with.  This applies to business as well.  Think about that.  

High Quality MCA Leads

Quality, Accuracy, and Reliability. We care about our Members and will prove it every time you look to us for MCA Leads.

When you engage with us you are making a decision to outsource all or part of your marketing efforts.  We generate leads everyday of business owners who are seeking access to Working Capital Solutions.   According to Small Business Administration’s SBA.Gov there are over 33 Million Small Businesses operating as of 2020.  This is relevant because this shows just how large the audience is.  We want to work with people who truly have a desire to help these business owners with financing options.  Of course we want you to make money as well – however your long term success will depend upon your commitment to your clients.  We have a variety of different Merchant Cash Advance Leads based upon your preferences, budget, and company size.    Whether you hire us for Live Transfer Calls, Web Leads & Appointments or to get access to Aged MCA Leads or UCC Leads we have you covered to get you access to business owners who need your help.  We are proud to have the technology behind us to deliver quality of any Lead List or Data Set that you obtain from us. Meaning, your frustrations can end here as we refuse to disburse leads that have an abundance of wrong information and disconnected phone numbers.

We are realists and we will work with you on a professional, but human level to help you accomplish your objectives.   We have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of Top Earning Business Loan Brokers, /ISO’s and Direct Business Funding Companies.  We have gained insights and experience on what works and what does not if you are offering Alternative Financing.  We always encourage all of our members to also have solutions for business owners who might not want a Short Term Merchant Cash Advance but perhaps a longer term loan, line of credit, or other alternative credit facilities.

Let’s make some money together in 2020!

Your Team at Lead Tycoons