Merchant Cash Advance Leads for 2020

As Lead Tycoons enters its 3rd Year in Business I can tell you that the amount of information our company has come across is mind-boggling.  On the surface when talking numbers with unbiased outsiders, they are stunned at the amount of Business Owners who willingly accept and agree to Merchant Cash Advance Terms which often carry Factor Rates as high as 1.49 over a 60-90 Day Time Frame + Fees in many instances.   What many outsiders may not realize is that Small Businesses have relied upon a Merchant Cash Advance Injection for over a Decade.  

As a Lead Generation Company while observing the demand and increase of leads being generated this demonstrates that the MCA business is alive and very well.  While there are regularly popcorn headlines of regulatory authorities that may disrupt the space, I believe these authorities also realize that many Small Businesses depend on this alternative vehicle. 

Since inception, we have continually added different Product Offerings that remain cost effective to our partners vs depending solely on internal marketing efforts.  Choosing a reliable, consistent, and trustworthy lead source will allow your ISO or Broker Business to become much more profitable. We have observed many Loan & MCA Brokers fail miserably as they try to master the craft at lead generation while wasting thousands of dollars on experimentation only to end up dealing with various lead vendors in the end.  It is okay to delegate and outsource certain responsibilities in running your business. The cost of hiring a seasoned marketing representative or lead generator will not only cost $50K+ In Annual Salary – but the Advertising & Marketing spend to go with it. Depending upon the size of the organization the annual cost to generate leads like this internally easily surpasses $100K per year at a bare minimum.  This doesn’t mention the headaches that come with managing and overseeing this employee and production woes.  

Where we come in for you…. Heading into our 3rd year I feel strongly about Lead Tycoons having a proven track record in Lead Generation within the Alternative Business Finance space.  We have added additional products this year such as Live Calls, Custom UCC Reports, and Direct Mobile Data to name a few. We will continue to add creative products that enhance the quality of the leads and to support change within the Lead Generation ecosystem and based upon the needs and demand in the Alternative Business Lending arena.  We take great pride in helping to connect Small Business Owners who may need an MCA to you. This is truly a win for everyone (when handled appropriately of course).  

-Your Team at Lead Tycoons