How Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loan Lead Live Transfer Calls Work

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of the start to finish processes on how Live Transfers work when you hire Lead Tycoons to give you a consistent and predictable lead flow.

# 1 Our representatives will contact Business Owners through outbound efforts and re-marketing efforts. Typically the contacts that are called upon were previous “non-eligible” leads that we may have encountered 3,6,12+ Months ago or more.  These may have been businesses who did not meet the general qualifying criteria when we first encountered them as one example.  We even dive into B2B Contact Lists and other Business to Business Data Sets in terms of originating the Live Calls.

# 2 When the representatives contact these owners they will first identify that the person they are speaking with is in fact the Business Owner. They will then proceed to ask them straight out as to whether or not they have an interest or need in working capital solutions at the moment. If the Business Owner is cooperative and indicates that they are interested in learning more, the representative will proceed with a series of questions.

# 3 During this questionnaire, the representative is trying to identify the performance of the business. During this time, the business owner MUST be fully cooperative and express a desired intent to speak with a Business Funding Manager (e.g. YOU)!

# 4 In combination of identifying their intent, the representative is tasked to furthermore identify the Revenue of the Business, Time in Business, and the amount of funding that they ideally would like to have access to.

# 5 If everything lines up based upon their Intent, Revenue, Time in Business, Seeking Amount, and willingness to speak with a Business Funding Manager the Business Owner is asked to remain on the line and the representative will provide a brief introduction to you.

# 6 Simultaneously, the information captured on the front end is sent to you in real-time. This way you do not have to repeat these questions to avoid annoying the business owner whose time is always precious. You would simply confirm the information we are sharing and perform further discovery.

That’s all there is to it!  Our representatives do not force these calls upon you unless everything is lined up.  You are now interacting with a business owner who you don’t have to chase around just to get their attention.  As a matter of Quality Control and Assurance, all calls are recorded and available to you on demand!

Lastly, Lead Tycoons stands behind all Live Call Transfers. Therefore, if there is any discrepancy after the Live Call Transfer, we will be more than happy to review the matter and ultimately credit or replace the lead if warranted.  We offer Volume Based Discounts and our Live Call Transfer Program is not available to just anyone. If you have an established Business Funding Company, ISO Shop, or are a Direct Funder we would be more than happy to discuss this program with you further.

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