There are Plenty of MCA Leads Sources, why should you choose Lead Tycoons?

At Lead Tycoons we pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction.  Sounds a little cliche’ right? However, when you are spending good money on digital goods we feel like its a point that needs to be emphasized.  We are appreciative of your business and will not take you for granted. We don’t favor the bigger shops over the smaller shops either.   We won’t disappear on you once money changes hands.  We won’t ignore your requests or take hours or days on end to acknowledge your emails or phone calls. Simply put, we truly care about your success. In our years of doing business and being taken for granted by vendors from other industries, we have vowed to ensure no customer ever has a thought to categorize Lead Tycoons as such.  We’re on your side and our objective is repeat business and to keep a reputation that top producers utilize Lead Tycoons for Merchant Cash Advance and Business Funding Lead Generation Products & Services.  

Aside from the Customer Support and Customer Service aspect, we offer extremely reliable Data Hygiene.  Meaning, we will not provide you with leads that have incorrect/disconnected phone numbers or emails that bounce.  We also offer optional Mobile Phone Line Preferences and Do-Not-Call List & Litigator Prevention Data Cleansing.  Regarding Aged MCA Leads, UCC Leads, or any other B2B Data Set we will verify for an active line status the same day that we would distribute and list related lead or data set to you.  We understand production and efficiency and do not want you or your representatives wasting time or money on disconnected phone numbers. Having a database full of disconnected phone number is absolutely costing you loss profits, revenues, and unnecessary costs.  Forgot to put in a lead order for yourself or your team on Friday for the following week but don’t realize it until Sunday Night?  Reach out and consider it done before you even pour your first cup of coffee on Monday Morning. We understand your grind. We respect it and are here to support you.  

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with superior service with quality leads & data and we trust that we will be a preferred lead source for you throughout 2020.  Now go make some money!  

-Your Future Team at Lead Tycoons