Merchant Cash Advance UCC Leads

A UCC filing, is a notice that a lender has a security interest in one or more of a company’s assets. The term comes from a collection of established rules that govern how commercial transactions work in the United States, called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).


How Will a UCC List help a Business Loan Broker get Results?  


UCC Lists can be a valuable tool for Alternative Lending Professionals to reach Business Loan Borrowers with a Verified History of UCC Filings.  If a Business has a UCC Filing against it, this can be an indicator that the Business has experience in getting Business Loans or Merchant Cash Advances.  Cutting out all of the “Hoopla” and letting you get right to the point with them. Whether your strategy is Refinancing, or Seeing if they have a need for Additional Working Capital, these are common entry points..  UCC Data is very reliable in the sense that they are managed by State Agencies to provide accurate reporting and data. These Business Owners could very well have a need for additional Working Capital at anytime. We have direct access to these agencies with the ability to provide you Custom UCC Lists.  


Our UCC Data is accurate and will always include the Filing Party (Loan/Funding Company Info) in addition to the Origination Date.


UCC Data is particularly great for Merchant Cash Advance Organizations and Campaigns Such as Telemarketing, Direct Mailing, MCA Refinancing, and almost any B2B Sales Purposes.  


We can customize your UCC Leads List by focusing on specific Industries, and Eliminating the Industry Types that you prefer to stay away from.  


We can process your UCC Custom Report in as little as 24 Hours.  


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