The true definition of a Lead:

A lead is a person(s) who has expressed interest in a particular product or service.  In general a lead is actually a prospect. A prospect is usually the first step in entering the sales cycle.  Typically a prospect is requesting information, or perhaps their behaviors or activities are correlated with the likelihood of them becoming a customer.  In alternative business finance, a lead is a business owner who based upon their activity has requested information or perhaps applied to receiving financing. An example being a Business Owner who is in pursuit of Working Capital, Invoice Factoring, Line of Credit, Merchant Cash Advance, Collateralization Loan, SBA Loan, and even Equipment Financing.  Check Out Our Business Loan Leads here.

What a Lead is not….

A Lead is not an approval or deal on a silver platter.  Regarding Business Loan Leads...Business Owners are also running their business.  You may have to work to gain and keep their attention. Being overly aggressive will push the Business Owner away.  However, you want to keep the business owner engaged. There is a sweet spot in the middle that requires awareness, instinct, diligence, and savviness.  It is highly unlikely that leads will be a “One-Call-Close.” Proper nurturing is extremely necessary in order to ensure you achieve optimum results based upon your output.  

Keys to Success with Leads:

  •  Organization.  Make sure you have a good CRM such as Convergehub
  •  Proper Phone Etiquette, Non-Aggressive Tonality, and Personalization.  
  • Strategize!  Have a consistent touch-point strategy in place.  Don’t call a lead 10x in one hour. Find out what their needs are if you don’t already know and attend to that need. 
  • Follow Up:  If you tell a lead you are going to follow up, don’t wait 12 hours to do so.  Let the lead know how you can help them, what you are going to do for them, and what they should expect next.  
  • IMPORTANT:  Refrain from using a “Free E-Mail Address.”  Invest in a domain from a place like GoDaddy and get a Professional E-Mail as well.  You can get a domain and professional email for $20-$40/Annually.  
  • Have a professional, and clean website.  When a prospect/lead is considering doing business with you, please know that there is a strong chance they will look you up online.  Make sure you have a clean website and an online footprint.  Our friends a can help put you in play and get you a professional website.  They are very affordable.  
  • A Great Phone to Utilize to increase efficiency by 4x by simultaneously calling and e-mailing check out our partners at Phone Burner and get a 7 Day Free Trial Period as a referral by Lead Tycoons.

We hope this information helps you.  We are happy to share resources with you.  Anyway we can be of assistance to help you be successful in Business Loan Brokering please just let us know.  When you are ready for Business Loan Leads, head over to our pricing page at and give us a call at 1-877-730-5323 to get started.