The Best Ways to Generate MCA Leads and What You Need to Know! 

We understand that the struggle is real when you are trying to generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads.  Particularly if you do not have previous experience at managing and operating lead generation systems and funnels.  In order for your Business Loan Broker shop to scale and sustain itself, you are going to need a steady and consistent lead flow.  This can be through an internal or external source (such as Lead Tycoons). We come in on the external level to help supplement your internal lead generation efforts.  Perhaps you outsource 20%, 30%, 50% or 100% of your lead generation efforts. We always encourage you to diversify your lead sources.  Being Dependent upon just one mode of obtaining leads is a recipe for failure. Below are some methods you can put in play yourself. Make sure you read all the way to the end as there is a vital piece of advice and information.  Some strategies are simpler than others.  If you do not want to be bothered by any of the recommendations below and would prefer to focus your efforts on just the sales and relationship building aspect we will help keep you armed with leads consistently.  

  • Display Ads on Google & Bing – Google & Bing offer a variety of audience segmentation methods to target your intended demographics.  A quick way to effectively increase your brand awareness is by utilizing a Custom Affinity Audience within the Google Display Network.  Quick Tip: You can select up to (5) Behaviors such as Competitor URLS (Best to Use Specific URLS not just common domains), Interests, Places etc.  


  • Social Media Advertising – Running Paid Ads via Social Media Platforms such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Instagram Ads are a great way to generate leads online.  While the complexity is average to moderate these avenues offer some cost-friendly ways to generate leads.  However this will take some trial and error and you should have 5 figure marketing budget per month (at a minimum).   Almost anyone with a pulse uses some form of social media so these platforms can be a great way to reach your audience. You can even utilize custom audience segmentation strategies to market to your target audience and even re-market to your target audience.  Some strategies are utilizing look-a-like audiences and facebook pixels. Ever wonder why you see a facebook or instagram ad relative to a website you just recently visited?  This is because that page had pixel(s) on it and now you are tagged until you clear your cookies!  This is actually great if you are on the other-side of this trying to attract prospects and leads. Re-marketing will help you achieve fantastic results over the long-term.  


  • Video Content Ads – Content related video ads.  Ever see semi-relevant or relevant ads on YouTube videos that you are about the watch?  Educational Video Content that explains how “your money” will help them grow their business.  Depending upon niche, video ads can pay huge dividends for you once you build up a following.


  • Email Drips –  E-Mail Drip Automation is a MUST if you have email marketing as part of your lead generation efforts.  Far too often I hear and see Business Loan Brokers sending emails to prospective customers and asking them to fulfill and complete an application.  If you are doing this, just stop. It’s embarrassing. Email drips are exactly how they sound. You slowly fill the tank by offering free content, advice, and being generally interesting by offering something substantive with some sort of value.  With this type of marketing you can send different types of emails based upon the activities of subscribers who are opening your email more than 1x, clicking through your call to action button, etc. If you need a list of active business owners check out our B2B E-Mail Offering.  


  • SMS & Telemarketing – Offline efforts such as SMS Marketing offers a higher click through rate and open rate vs traditional e-mail marketing.  You will need to get set up with a platform that will accept your usage without all of the red tape. There are a variety of options and while we don’t have a preferred platform we recommend doing an online search for “SMS Campaigns.”  Once you get this rolling we can give you access to Direct Mobile Lines to be utilized for your campaigns.  


  • Direct Mail – The most costly will be direct mailing. However this is the least saturated and you won’t have to compete with the Alternative Lending Giants that have taken over all of the top “real estate” on the Search Engines.  We offer Direct Mail Data and we can customize this based upon your preferred industry types, company sales, volume, states, territory, etc. Our Direct Mail Data is updated every 30 Days by the NCOA (National Change of Address) Registry.  So no need to worry about sending mailers to old addresses. We have you covered!  

This Step is Critical…

Lastly and the most important piece to the puzzle, before you decide to get gung-ho with your Marketing Efforts…Please make sure you have a professional looking website and some sort of online footprint.  When you are paying good money with your marketing initiatives, it is critical that you have a nicely done website.  You should ask yourself if you would send your Businesses private information, and financial statements to a company that has a poorly designed website, or no website at all!  Also, if you are utilizing free email domains such as gmail, yahoo, aol, etc to conduct Business to Business Transactions we encourage you to lock down a professional domain for $12.99/year through Google Domains or GoDaddy.  Our partners over at will give your company the look and feel of a sophisticated operation.  Investing in a website with a Content Management System included you will soon be focused on Search Engine Optimization that will ultimately start helping you get Organic Traffic aka “Free” MCA Leads.

We’re here to help you be successful at what you do. We enjoy helping businesses like your grow.   Please contact us if you need assistance in growing your Business Loan Broker Shop.  Also, Check Out More Free Tips on How to Get MCA Leads.